Our policy of sake making is quality first.
From the date of foundation to this day, we have lived by a lot of our supporters. Therefore, we, as your brewery, do hope our customers enjoy our products through sake culture and can be rich in mind. Having it in our mind, we would like to make quality first unchangeable and to propose sake culture having making of satisfactory sake to our customers a fashion every time.
Established: 1861
School of sake brewing masters: Our company’s Toji
Type of water: Underflow of Tenzan ( Best water 100 in Japan) / Hard Water

Tenzan Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.
1520 Iwakura Ogi-machi Ogi-shi, Saga
Representative: Kensuke Shichida
URL: http://www.tenzan.co.jp/


Pleasure of pouring, being poured, and drinking sake
Our brewery was founded by Mr. Niemon Yamamoto at Matsuji-machi in the first year of Meiji Era. Since then, we pour our energy into making sake year by year aiming at reliable quality and customers satisfaction with rice covered by quality underflow of Hakusan and rich nature. Please taste the sake made by us heartily.
Established: 1868
School of sake brewing masters: Echigo Toji
Type of water: Underflow of Hakusan / Hard Water

Yamamotoshuzohonten, LP
42 Matsuji-machi Nomi-shi, Ishikawa
Representative: Toyokazu Yamamoto
URL: http://www.yamamoto-sake.com/


Hatsumomidi, Brilliant Sake of Shunan District
Most breweries invite Toji (Master of Sake Brewer) in winter and get in a stock of sake once a year. “Shikigura” to make Hatsumomidi lays in a stock of sake through a year and be ready to supply fresh sake right after brewing at any time. Hoping our customers taste fresh sake whenever you want, we devote ourself to sake making with care bottle by bottle.
Established: 1819
School of sake brewing masters: Ohtsu Toji
Type of water: Underflow of Shikano / Medium soft Water

Hatsumomidi Co.,Ltd.
1-40 Iijima-cho Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
Representative: Yasuhiro Harada
URL: http://www.hatsumomidi.co.jp/


Rice, Water, People, and our devotion to handmaking
Uchino, in the west of Niigata, where our brewery is located is a wonderful land with rich and good quality of the river-bed water of Shinano river from the ancient age. And Sake rice harvested in vast Niigata plain is very good as well. By using mud-walled warehouse, temperature difference through four seasons is small and creates most suitable environment for sake making. We are making best effort day and night for improvement and control of quality while traditional culture is being kept in the process.
Established: 1912
School of sake brewing masters: Echigo Toji
Type of water: Underflow of Shinano river / Medium hard Water

Shiokawa Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.
662 Uchino machi Nishiku, Niigata-shi, Niigata
Representative: Takeji Shiokawa
URL: http://www.shiokawa.biz/


Company Profile
Our brewery established in 1804, and now it's 7th generation. We have inherited long term tradirions and skills. Nowadays we won a MONDE SELECTION Gold prize in series. AIYU means loving friends. We also inherit the founder's spirit to wish people to enjoy the SAKE all over the world.
Established: 1804
School of sake brewing masters: Nanbu Toji
Type of water: Branch of Namegatadaichi / Medium soft water

Aiyu Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.
205 Tsuji Itako-city Ibaraki
Representative: Michiko Kanehira
URL: http://www.aiyu-sake.jp


Town of NANBU TOJI and their SAKE
IWATE prefecture is well known for the place of birth of original NANBU TOJI. Since mid 1800, we strain on brewing sake at the town of blessing of pure water, rice, and technique of brewing Sake in Iwate prefecture. Our Sake "ASABIRAKI" has always been highly valuated at local area all over the countries as well. We proudly serve our Sake worldwide.
Established: 1871
School of TOJI brewing masters: Nanbu Toji
Type of Water: Draw water in brewery property/Soft Water

Asabiraki Co., Ltd.
10-34 Daijiji-Cho Morioka-shi, Iwate
Representative: Yoshitaka Murai
URL: http://www.asabiraki-net.jp/



Blessing of mother-nature
In order to make a good refined sake, it is imperative to select good rice and water. We select the rice which is best suited for making sake. The main rice brands we use are Yamadanishiki, Gohyakumangoku and Tamasakae. We even started to purchase rice directly from farmers. The ratio of our rice which is best suited for making sake exceeds 95%.
2 tons of water for sake is drawn from the tank located in Chugoku mountainous district everyday. The quality of the water is rather soft and most suitable for making Ginjo sake which fermented at low temperature.
As mentioned above, we value the goodness of handmade sake as well as being open to modern technologies. Our motto is "Quality comes first" and is how we make sake. We wish to be useful Brewery to serve our customers.
Established: Keio Era (1865)
School of TOJI brewing masters: Izumo Toji
Type of Water: Well-water
(30m under the ground) / Medium soft water

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
131 Taisho-machi Sakaiminato City, Tottori
Representative: Haruo Okasora
URL: http://www.chiyomusubi.co.jp/



Company Profile
Under good air condition, KAWASHIMA SHUZO makes Sake using rare kind of rice, TAMASAKAE, and the great underflow water. That's why our products have a fairly full flavor that doesn't be compared to any other Sake. The spirit of Sake brewery workers make Sake to live eternally.
Established: 1865
School of sake brewing masters: NotoToji
Type of water: Branch of Hira river / Soft water

Kawashima shuzo Co.,Ltd.
83 Asahi Shinasahi-cho Takashima-city,Shiga
Representative: Tatsuro Kawashima


Miracle of GOZENSUI spring water
Sasaichi Sake is brewed at the brewery with modern conveniences in a village where roots of Mt. Fuji that blessing of Mother Nature. This Sake brewed from "Gozensui" spring water is known for "good taste, richness and beautiful fragrance". We proudly introduce our taste of tradition to the world and we hope you enjoy them.
Established: 1919
School of TOJI brewing masters: Our Company’s Toji
Type of Water: Gozensui spring water / Soft Water

Sasaichi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
26 Yoshikubo, Sasago-Cho, Otsuki-City,
Representative: Shigeru Amano
URL: http://www.sasaichi.co.jp/



This is the roman of Jizake (Local Sake)
Koikawa Brewery is very proud of their location as the birthplace of "Kame no o" which is one of the best 3 rices in Japan and has been making Junmai sake as main brand by using the rice with revival cultivation. Especially, They stick to Junmai sake using locally made rice and they recommend to drink riped Junmai sake at warm temperature. They got an honor prize for the first time in the industry as the sake using "Kame no o 100%" at the Junmai sake section in Tohoku sake fair last year. They are proud of locally brewed sake.
Established: 1725
School of TOJI brewing masters: Our caompany’s Toji
Type of Water: Natural spring water from Tsuki Mountain/Soft Water

Koikawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.
42 Koya Aza Amarume Oaza Amarume-Machi
Higashitagawa-Gun, Yamagata
Representative: Kazuyoshi Satoh
E-mail: sakaya@mwnet.or.jp
URL: http://www.yamagata-sake.or.jp/cgi-bin/view/kura/kura_desc.cgi?id=29



Company Profile
Saijo City is located in the middle of Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Since our company's establishment in Saijo in 1877, we have been working hard to brew quality rice wine.
Our Sake, Miyosakae was named with the wish that our country would continue to prosper until the next generation. The water used for our Sake comes from Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain on the island of Shikoku. As for the rice, we use Yamadanishiki and Matsuyamamitsui Using these best ingredients, the excellent techniques of our head Sake brewer Kazuaki Oda create a crisp, tasteful Sake.
Established: 1877
School of TOJI brewing masters: Ikata Toji
Type of Water: Spring water from Ishizuchi yama mountain
/ Medium soft water

Seiryo Shuzo Co., Ltd.
1301-1 Shu, Saijo-shi, Ehime
Representative: Hiroshi Shuto
E-mail: seiryo@dokidoki.ne.jp
URL: http://www.seiryosyuzo.com/



Jizake (local Sake) of Bitchu in Okayama
Okayama prefecture is the home of rarely grown Sake rice "Omachi Mai" as well as classic "Bitchu Toji" brewing masters. The limestone soil makes best water and rice. We keeps our traditional brewing skill (Bitchu style) while innovating with modern techniques for the best brewing results. We keep to aim at brewing tasty high quality sake.
Established: 1886
School of TOJI brewing masters: Bitchu Toji
Type of water: Branch of Takahashi river
/ Medium hard water

Shiragiku Shuzo Co., Ltd.
163-1 ,Shimohina Nariwa-Cho,
Takahashi-shi, Okayama
Representative: Shuzo Watanabe
URL: http://www.shiragiku.com



Purest water, Organic rice, Suehiro original yeast
Our brewery conducted by many interested famer who grew organic rice for sake and strictly keeping our traditional brewing method. As a result, we have been given many prizes because of these highly trained stuff and technique. Blessing of natural spring water from “Hakaseyama Mountain”, we use this water for brewing. We proudly introduce our Sake to the world. We hope you to enjoy the flavor of tradition.
Established: 1850
School of TOJI brewing masters: Aizu Toji
Type of Water: Natural spring water from
"Hakaseyama mountain" / Medium hard water

Suehiro Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
12-38 Nisshin-Machi Aizuwakamatsu-City,
Representative: Inokichi Shinjo
E-mail: info@sake-suehiro.jp
URL: http://www.sake-suehiro.jp/



Company Profile

Yamagata Honten was Established in 1875.
In Tokuyama, a historical town of Shunan, Our brewer has been creating unique sake culture and sending it to the world. We have a philosophy that firmly connect with our responsibility and price as a local brewery and their passion to fulfill the human heart. Flexibility and Creativity are what Yamagata Honten distinguishes ourselves from others. Our flexibility allows us to meet our customers’ varied taste and expectation as well as being creative to encapsulate human idea and passion.

Established: 1875
School of TOJI brewing masters: Kumage Toji
Type of Water: Underflow water (110m under the Ground) / soft water

Yamagata Honten Co., Ltd.
2933 Kume Shunan City, Yamaguchi
Representative: Toshiro Yamagata
URL: http://www.kaorisake.com



KANPAI!! Shinsei Sake
Over 300 years ago, we established our brewery in this well-known town “Kyoto”and started to brew finest Sake in the area. We use one of the best natural water in Japan and making our best effort to brew sake. Since we aware that sake can be ideally matched as a table wine, Harmony of food and sake is our biggest concern. Try our sake and combine your favorite food.
Established: 1677
School of TOJI brewing masters: Echizen Nuka Toji
Type of Water: "Shiragiku sui" Natural Water
/ Medium Hard water

Yamamoto Honten Co., Ltd.
36-1 Kamiaburakake-Machi, Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto
Representative: Gembei Yamamoto
URL: http://www.yamamotohonke.jp



Company Profile
Trying to get fusion of long tradition and new technology, We won many prizes in various exhibitions in Japan and abroad. We use excellent brewing water selected as best water in Miyazaki, awarded the best gold prize in Monde Selection and received three stars of ITQI(International taste quality organization) for 3 successive years.
Established: 1894
School of TOJI brewing masters: Our company’s Toji / 28 years
Type of Water: Our property’s natural well water (Best in Miyazaki)/ Hard water

Nango Yowara 1326 Nichinan City Miyazaki JAPAN
TEL: 0987-68-1055 FAX: 0987-68-1144
Representative: Tokuo Terada
URL: http://www.obisugi.co.jp/



Company Profile
We at FUKUJU started making our sake 260 years ago in Mikage-go, one of the five places in Nada area famous for making excellent sake. Ever since then we have been making sake by hand with painstaking and loving care. We wish our sake to be the best available, so we do not try to produce it in volume. Good grapes make good wine, and good “koji” makes good sake. We do not use machines to cultivate “koji”, we use traditional techniques by hand. By making the most of the flavor of the rice, we wish to make “sake that is rich in flavor and has a clean taste”. Please enjoy our sake with a variety of your favorite dishes.
Established : 1751
School of sake brewing masters: Tajima Toji
Type of water : Miyamizu (best water for sake making) / Hard Water

1-8-17 Mikagetsukamachi Higashinada Kobe, Hyogo
Representative: Takenosuke Yasufuku
URL: http://shushinkan.co.jp/



Company Profile
We have been in sake business for 291 years. The Toji was switched from Mr. Hatakeyama advanced in years to young Mr.Morikawa. While we are respectful of tradition, we have been challenging to create new thing since the autumn in 2011. We made thorough investigation into sake making for innate characteristic of rice. The pride of Hida-Kanayama is beautiful green of nature and water. Please enjoy our sake produced by great nature with minutest care.
Established : 1720
School of sake brewing masters: Nanbu Toji
Type of water : diverged flow from Hida river / Soft water

1984 Kanayama Kanayamacho Gero-shi, Gifu 509-1622 JAPAN
Representative: Yoshihiko Suzuki
URL: http://www.okuhida.co.jp/



Management Concept of our Company

An Intimate and highly valued Junmai Sake.

Yearly shipping volume is about 260 kilo-liters, and 95% of that is Junmai, Junmai-Ginjo, and Junmai-Daiginjyo.
It concentrates on the Junmai category (ingredients are only rice and rice koji)and keeps a moderate scale. 60% is consumed in the local Wakayama prefecture of Japan.
This brewery holds a high position in the jizake world. Through powerful fermentation, the taste is full bodied and rich, making Kuroushi a good fit for dishes such as Yakitori, Sukiyaki, and as well as others.
This company does not look to be a famous aperitif brand but they show deep love for their craft and anyone who enjoys their sake.
Established : 1866
School of sake brewing masters: Noto Toji
Type of water : filtered well water / Medium Hard water

846 Kuroe Kainan-shi, Wakayama 642-0011 JAPAN
Representative: Takakazu Nate
URL: http://www.kuroushi.com/